***I will be away Friday February 20th until Wednesday February 25th, continue playing your matches and continue emailing me the demos and screenshots. Everything will be updated when I return, thanks.


Team Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Match 6 Match 7
(1)Digital Infamy
(2)swampDonkey vs 6 vs 4 vs 7
(3)DaFoneMen vs 6 vs 7
(4)Ready Up vs 2 vs 5 vs 6
(5)Destrophy vs 7 vs 4
(6)Monarchs vs 2 vs 7 vs 3 vs 4
(7)DuncanHillsCoffee vs 5 vs 6 vs 2 vs 3

Match Results


Team Points
DaFoneMen 10
Monarchs 6
Duncan Hills Coffee 6
swampDonkey 6
Ready Up 4
Destrophy 4
Knightmare 2
Digital Infamy 0


Match Map
Match 1 qzteam4
Match 2 qzctf7
Match 3 qzteam3
Match 4 qzctf2
Match 5 qzteam7
Match 6 qzctf3
Match 7 qzteam1


Semi Final
Team 1
Team 4
Winnner of (1vs4)
Winner of (2vs3)
Team 2
Team 3
Tourney Structure/Rules

- 8 team round robin. (each team plays every other team once)

- Matches are played twice a week, wednesday OR thursday AND sunday.

- Each team will have 7 matches, each match # will have a specific map. (see maplist)

- Only ONE map per match is played and played 5v5 .

- Winner receives 2 points, losing team 0, if the game is played into overtime both 
  teams receive a point with the winner taking the remaining point.
- Top 4 teams at the end of the round robin will advance to the playoffs. (If 2 teams are tied for the last
  position, the team with more captures advances)

- Team rosters must have identical matching quake live account names. ( extra characters
  such as underscores MUST ALSO be included )
- Teams failing to communicate to set match dates or show up for set match times will first 
  be issued a warning, continued lack of communication results in a permenant ban from any further tournaments held.
- Matches must be recorded.

- Team captains must idle #naqlctf on Qnet.

Upon Completion of a Match

- Winning team must email a demo and screenshot (jpg) to  andrewtrulli at gmail dot com.

- Try to message id_ in irc for match confirmation, greatly appreciated.

Thank you and Goodluck